Oops, Initially One Piece Was Rejected Many Times by Editorial Shounen Jump!


Even for the manga classmate One Piece was rejected many times. In addition, some editors initially disliked the early chapter One Piece . Listen to the interesting fact One Piece before being serialized here!

For the class manga One Piece it seems that at present it is hard to imagine any magazine refusing to publish the Eiichiro Oda series. However, in fact, One Piece was once rejected by Weekly Shounen Jump many times, you know! This becomes an interesting fact One Piece that probably not many people know.

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<p> In an <em> interview </em> along with the three editors <em> One Piece </em>they recount <em> One Piece </em> before being serialized by Weekly Shounen Jump. One of the editors, Takanori Asada, said that <em> One Piece </em> was repeatedly rejected in editorial meetings before it was serialized. Asada himself admitted very annoyed with his boss at the time because it was unable to see how cool <em> One Piece </em>. Once, Asada was so angry that she expressed her annoyance at an editorial meeting, you know! </p>
<p> After various events, <em> One Piece </em> was finally serialized. Well, we should thank Asada and some other editors who remain stubborn to centrify <em> One Piece </em>. Otherwise, maybe we will miss one of the best manga in history. Is not it so? </p>
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In the same session interview Asada also confessed she cried when she quit as editor One Piece in 2001. She entrusted the continuation of One Piece to Takahiro Habuta, editor One Piece next.

At the end of an interview these three editors agree that Oda's character is truly remarkable because Oda remained very friendly and not arrogant even though she has now become a very popular mangaka. Sugita added, so much to his amazement with Oda, he even summoned the creator One Piece as "Oda- sensei ", although Oda repeatedly reminded him not to call him sensei .

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