Oops, Goku Ever Nearly Killed Beerus Once!?

Beerus is one of the entities that have tremendous power. His status as a God of Destruction or God of Destruction further cemented himself as a creature difficult to match, let alone killed. However, do you know that Beerus has a very basic and fatal weakness? This weakness even almost makes Goku kill Beerus, you know!

In the " Future" Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super it is mentioned that the weakness God of Destruction is Kaioshin / Supreme Kai. Both Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kai have souls that are connected to each other. In other words, if the God of Destruction dies, or otherwise Supreme Kai who is dead, then both will die simultaneously. In a way, killing Supreme Kai is the easiest way to kill the God of Destruction because Supreme Kai is not as strong as the God of Destruction.

Well, Beerus is the God of destruction that connected his soul with Shin, Supreme Kai of Universe 7. Since Shin is the last Supreme Kai in the Universe, you could say Shin is the last life possessed by Beerus (other than his own life). Interestingly, if you look at the original Dragon Ball manga Supreme Kai was almost killed by Goku in the manga.


In the manga Dragon Ball chapter 458, it is reported that Babidi was about to revive Majin Buu by pitting Vegeta sheep. Keep in mind, that Vegeta himself was deliberately so that he was controlled by Babidi so he could balance and fight Goku beat. When Goku is about to fight Vegeta, Shin tries to block both because he does not want Majin Buu to rise up. He says that Goku must kill him if he wants to fight with Vegeta.

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<p style= Vegeta who can not stop killing the people around him also forced Goku to comply with Vegeta's request. He directs his hand and prepares to fire ki blast towards the Supreme Kai. At that time, Goku is not playing games and looks very serious. With his current strength, Goku could have killed Shin only by Ki Blast only.

 goku almost kills the bearing dragon ball "width =" 793 "height =" 603 "/> <img class= Fortunately, Shin also relents. He allows Goku and Vegeta to fight. Otherwise, maybe he was dead by then and Goku accidentally killed Beerus. If Beerus is not there, maybe Dragon Ball Super will not be there huh? Haha!

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