One-Punch Man Manga Discussion 83: Geno Versus Garou Duel


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<h4> Manga <em> One-Punch Man </em> 83 shows a very interesting duel: Genos the hero of class S against Garou, who is capable of dropping many class A heroes! </h4>
<p> Discussion manga <em> One-Punch Man </em> 83 This clearly contains <em> spoiler </em>. Especially for you who just watch the anime and still be patient waiting for the next season. So if you do not want to get leaked, you go into the wrong article. </p>
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For those who do not mind the leaks or have already read the latest chapter of this manga, please read the review below.



Genos Versus Garou

In the previous chapter, Garou has proven that he is strong enough and intelligent to win from the heroes of class A heroes.

But the different story when he must fight is a hero of class S who have gone through various conflicts before this. Especially when his own body is still badly injured.

Garou remains capable of surprising resistance, but Genos' combat power remains superior to him. But Garou should be defeated by Saitama later. (At least that's what happened in the ONE version of the work).

Therefore, when suddenly a member of the Monster Association appears to help Garou, the writer thinks this will be an opportunity for Garou to back off first. Because in the ONE version also the appearance of the Monster Association became an opportunity for Garou to leave the heroes of class S who attacked him.

But Genos then slaughter easily the monsters. Not only that, Genos even got help that he did not really need.


Confrontation of Master versus Disciples

Just before Genos could finish Garou, Bang intervened directly to kick his pupil.

Bomb, Bang's brother, also came to restrain the rate of creatures of the Monster Association members. So now there are two S class heroes and martial arts experts who might also be at level with Bang.

It's still a question whether Garou can fight Bang with his current ability, even if he is in good shape. When he had to face Bang with a wounded body, he became a month-monthly.

At first glance Garou seems to be overcome in One-Punch Man 83 this. But the author feels the story of One-Punch Man drawn by Yusuke Murata will evolve similar to the ONE version.


What Happened in the ONE Version?

Basically the Garou conflict that later developed from Death Gatling went on to Genos, Bangs and Bombs is pretty similar to the incident in the ONE manga version. Even so there are a number of significant differences. Starting from Garou find Death Gatling first, not Death Gatling find Garou. Death Gatling also fought Garou alone before being helped by Genos.

After that Bang came to beat his disciple. But just before Bang could finish Garou, the Monster Association came to take Garou away.

The order of occurrences of the Monster Association in the ONE version is different from the Murata version. The Monster Association at ONE appears suddenly and is able to handle Genos, Bangs, and Bombs. Here the Monster Association appears earlier and can be handled by Genos, then by Bomb.

Seeing Saitama decide to go to the location of the emergency call (and instead continue in bully by King to pass a conflict with Garou) the author guesses that the after events will also be slightly different from the ONE version.

In the end will appear a number of powerful monsters that can surprise Genos, Bang, and Bomb, then go with Garou. Saitama arrives late, but seeing the condition of Genos, Bangs and Bombs, he might be more eager to hunt Garou. (Even though he had already been K.O Garou, without himself being aware).

Afterwards, testimonials from Death Gatling and class A heroes will make the Hero Association consider Garou the Hero Hunter as a monster with Dragon's disaster level. Same as happened in ONE version.

That is the discussion One-Punch Man 83. Do you think the after events will resemble events in ONE's version of the work? Convey in the comment field!


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