One Piece Novel A Revealing 5 Facts of Portgas D. Ace! Here's the List!

One Piece A novel is an official novel of One Piece . The story written by Shou Hinata describes the adventures of Portgas D. Ace before his brutal fight against Jinbe, so his status is still the captain of the Spade pirate group

His name is also highlighted Ace, is certainly a lot of interesting facts Portgas D. Ace revealed in this novel. Here are some of them!



Ace Acquires Mera Mera no Mi in East Blue



Portgas D. Ace and a mysterious man stranded on the island of East Blue named Sixis. Both get there actually looking for treasure, but they can not go anywhere.


There, the mysterious man (who was named Deuce) and Ace had a quarrel. Deuce even almost killed Ace to grab the fruit that Ace earned, but in the end they make up. Ace even divides the two Devil Fruits he gets to Deuce.

Interestingly, it's not an ordinary fruit. Neither Deuce nor Ace knew that the fruit they got was Mera Mera no Mi, Logia's Devil Fruit!

Here it is also revealed that one divides two Devil Fruits, then the first person to eat the fruits will gain his strength. Ace is the one who ate the first Mera Mera no Mi, then he who became the fire man. Deuce still only gets the bad taste of the Devil Fruit.

Afterwards, Ace and Deuce decided to work together to form the Spade pirate group. Even their names are actually one theme, Ace is one and Deuce is two.



Spade Pirate Group Adventure Already Up Sabaody in the Novel



As Ace meets again with Luffy in the Alabasta area, Ace has been a commander in Whitebeard's fleet.

That means that while Luffy is still preparing to sail, Ace is well ahead of his pace. Supported by the Spade pirate group, Ace successfully reached Sabaody Island.

Even of course, he then fights Jinbe in the New World long before Luffy gets there. But this novel series ends after Ace leaves Sabaody.



Known As a Good Pirate



Just like Luffy, the pirate who rarely plows, Ace and the Spade pirate group is known as a benevolent group of good-hearted pirates.

Ace is even so good that on one occasion he decides to help Isuka, a navy user rapier who was at that time dealing with his pirate group. (Isuka is the girl whose image you can see above).

Advanced interesting facts of Portgas D. Ace from One Piece Novel A can you check it on the second page!

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