One Piece Anime Preview Episode 828: The Formation of the Supernova Alliance!

Already watching the anime One Piece 827 aired Sunday March 4th? After a week off, we finally see the continuation of Luffy's adventure and the rest of Whole Cake Island. After making peace with Sanji, then straightening the problem, they are finally ready for the latest problem.

Before discussing the anime One Piece episode 828, we will briefly discuss episode 827 first. Here, Jinbei has advised Luffy, so that the Straw Hats can join Capone Bege to create a temporary alliance.

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<p> Of course this merger is not without reason, second coincidence Supernova has the same goal, namely conquering Yonkou Big Mom. The encounter between the two Supernovas took place in episode 827 and Luffy and his friends had to tidy up and wear Mafia-style outfits, because they were in Capone Bege's "home" </p>
<p> What about the meeting? Will the Supernova alliance be formed? Let's discuss <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 828 first. Finally, the two Supernovas met. There was tension in the room, because there were two people at a fugitive price who did not play games. </p>
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Naturally as the leader of a large pirate group, the Captain of the Straw Hats and Capone Bege is not easy to cooperate. In One Piece episode 828, a small quarrel ensued between them. As we already know, Luffy does not like Capone Bege, the reason being that he has injured Pekoms whom he considers a friend, and also Capone Bege one who is responsible for Sanji's departure.

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<p> Capone Bege herself also does not like working on top of others. Let alone Luffy, Big Mom is a Yonkou will he betrayed for the sake of a higher position. There has been no quarrel between Luffy and Capone Bege, Caesar Clown appears in disguise between them. </p>
<p> When Luffy realizes it is Caesar, of course Luffy's hatred is getting bigger. There are two people he hates, and they will be alliances. Caesar himself also dislikes Luffy, Capone Bege, and also Big Mom, but he is forced because Capone Bege has Caesar's heart. </p>
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