One Piece Anime Preview Episode 821: Luffy Against Cabaletta!


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<h4 style= Luffy is still trying to find where Sanji's location is. In the next episode, Luffy will face Cabaletta! Listen preview anime One Piece episode 821 following!

Anime One Piece resumed after last week had a holiday due to the new year. On Sunday January 7, 2018, One Piece episode 820 aired. In this episode, Luffy is still looking for Sanji, and beating up every Big Mom army he encounters.

On the other hand, the fight between Pedro and Baron Tamago has also come to an end. Tamago has changed to the next form, Viscount Hiyoko. Pedro himself is shown to sacrifice himself by blowing himself, but is he dead?


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In episode 821 later, it will be shown that Pedro does not really sacrifice himself (yet). Simultaneously as he made the explosion, Chopper and Carrot had summoned Pedro from within the mirror world belonging to the Brulee power.

What about Luffy? There is a bit of uniqueness here. In the manga version One Piece of course Luffy also ran to the corner of Big Mom's cake empire to look for Sanji, but has not found it yet.

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<p style= This is different, in the manga version, Luffy is against Charlotte Cabaletta, but not until shown in detail, especially until it becomes preview as we see in preview anime One Piece 821.

In the upcoming episode, it looks like we'll see a fight between this Straw Hat Pirates captain against one of Big Mom's five-star sons, Charlotte Cabaletta.

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<p style= Charlotte Cabaletta has considerable strength. Although it is not known whether he eats the devil's fruits or not, he has awakened Haki's power, precisely Busoshoku Haki.

Basically, just like any other twin, the basic power of Charlotte Cabaletta lies in its large body and its power unlike that of humans in general.

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<p style= Comes with Busoshoku Haki, it's obvious he's a pretty dangerous fighter from Big Mom's army. After finishing the fight, Luffy will meet Reiju, who later explains where Sanji left. Could Luffy be reunited with Sanji?

That's preview anime One Piece episode 821, what do you think? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes.


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