One Piece Anime Preview Episode 817: The Real Pudding Revealed!


The real pudding? What's wrong with Pudding right now? Listen preview anime One Piece episode 817 following!

Anime One Piece episode 816 has finished airing on Sunday, December 3, 2017. Here, there is a fight between two rivals who have split for 5 years, and finally reunited, namely Pedro against Baron Tamago .

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In this episode too, the stories of the past from both are told, and how they can lose each of their left eye. In another location, Brook who was cornered by Big Mom, inevitably he had to fight back. Unfortunately, Big Mom will not be gentle at Brook, instead this Yonkou prepares her full force to catch Brook.

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<p style= At the end of the episode, as usual we are shown preview for the next episode, episode 817. Here, there will be something surprising and finally revealed, that is about Pudding. What is strange about Pudding?

Especially for the discussion preview anime One Piece episode 817 this time, there is a little warning spoiler for you who do not read his manga, because the writer will explain a bit about Pudding, whose original nature just appeared in the next episode. If you do not want the pleasure of watching you disturbed, then do not continue reading, but different if you're curious.


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What's weird about Pudding? Pudding currently shows one of his gentle personality and as if he can not fight, is it true that Pudding has this characteristic? Or just pretend?

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<p style= In the next episode, the actual Pudding will be shown. Apparently, he is not as good as he has seen. The 35th Princess of Big Mom has a sadistic nature and can also manipulate others, not only from her original personality, but also from her Devil Fruit powers.

Pudding is in Big Mom's plan, which conquers the Vinsmoke family, and takes over all the technology and scientists at Germa 66 who are experts in human cloning. Later, Big Mom wants to clone a powerful army, in order to defeat another Yonkou.

In this plan, Pudding pretends to like Sanji (though ultimately he really likes it), in order for Sanji to be entangled by Pudding's false love, and ultimately can kill him.

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<p style= The plan, one by one the Vinsmoke family will be killed, after the marriage of Sanji and Pudding (where the two families have become alliances) and can master all of Germa 66's technology.

Pudding itself is a child of Big Mom and also a three-eyed human tribe, therefore Pudding has an additional eye on the forehead. He also has the power of the devil's Memo Memo no Mi, where he can control one's mind, and change it at will.

In the next episode, Reiju will be exposed to the memory changes of this demon's fruit, but unfortunately, Sanji notices from the outside, and knows all the pudding rottenness. What do you think about preview anime One Piece episode 817? Are you impatient with Pudding's true nature?


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