One Piece Anime Preview Episode 814: Brook Special Concert


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<h4 style= Luffy has been caught, now Brook and Pedro are in action, see the discussion preview anime One Piece episode 814 following.

Anime One Piece has entered the 814 episode, Luffy has been caught by the revenge forces, and by this time he and Nami are locked in a prison book. Talks between Luffy and Big Mom have also happened.

In previous episodes, the talks of Luffy and Big Mom were more like threats and war declarations (unilateral). Big Mom threatens Luffy not to screw up at Sanji and Pudding's wedding, while Luffy declares war on Big Mom's army, even though the Yonkou does not bother and thinks Luffy's remark is unimportant.

In episode 814, the viewpoint switched to another Straw Hat Pirate member, Brook. The live skull in the previous episode was indeed shown monitoring a treasure trove of Big Mom's property.

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<p style= Inside this room, there is indeed a very precious and priceless treasure, the Road Poneglyph. The red Poneglyph is heavily guarded by many troops, and is complemented by Tamago and one of Big Mom's strongest princes commander, Charlotte Smoothie.

The plan begins. Pedro became the decoy of this plan. In the previous episode it has been shown Pedro who fought several chess troops and ran around.

Later on, this bait is inedible. Some people will pursue Pedro, including Tamago. This keeps the guard in the treasure chamber reduced, and Brook successfully enters the treasure chamber and locks it so no one can enter.

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<p style= Incidentally, Charlotte Smoothie is outside the treasure chamber, therefore Brook only faces some strong guards, the rest are just chess soldiers. Because Brook is unique, the live skull, the Smoothie and several other guards took the initiative to catch Brook alive, and put it into the Big Mom collection.

Brook is not a haphazard opponent. Currently, Brook is facing a chess army. The chess troop itself is a chess given the soul of a real human so that chess can move and fight.

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<p style= However, Brook is the Soul King (Soul King) therefore, facing a chess army with a stolen soul is certainly not a big deal for Brook, and his special concert will start soon.

That's preview anime One Piece episode 814. Can Brook take the Poneglyph Rood and survive the keeper of the Big Mom's treasure chamber? We look forward to it.


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