One Piece Anime Preview Episode 811: Defeat Luffy


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<h4> Luffy loses against Big Mom's revenge army in the next episode? How can? Listen <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 811 follows. </h4>
<p> In the episode of 810 aired on Sunday, October 22, 2017, Luffy is shown fighting a revenge army deployed by Big Mom to capture Luffy who has defeated one of his Big Mom commanders, Cracker. </p>
<p> In the following episode, it is shown how Luffy is overwhelmed with the onslaught of hundreds of troops of revenge. How not, Luffy was injured after fighting Cracker and severely beaten by Sanji, and also starving, of course he was not in top condition. </p>
<p> Now he has to fight a revenge army that one of them is very strong and dangerous, and they are gathered into a troop that is ready to finish Luffy. Starting from charlotte Mont d'or, Charlotte Galette, to Counter, Cadenza, and Cabaletta sent to capture Luffy. </p>
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This episode became the opening act of Luffy's battle against Big Mom's forces. At first Luffy confronts them all alone, since Nami and King Baum run from the scene of the fight.

But since the Big Mom's Vivre Card held by Nami has power, King Baum finally has to comply with Nami's wishes and returns to Luffy's position to help her.

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<p> In episode 811, we can see from <em> preview- </em> that the battle of Luffy and nami against this revenge army is still continuing, but much more troublesome as they begin to seriously and use the power of their demonic fruits. </p>
<p> Luffy will have trouble coping with the unique Devil's Charlotte Devil Fruit power. Mont d'or uses his ability to manipulate books. He can also create a world from the book, and trap opponents in it. </p>
<p> Like an illusion, Luffy is also exposed to this trap, until finally he is completely trapped and can be defeated by a combined attack between Counter and Cadenza, making Luffy sprawled and unable to do anything. </p>
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