One Piece Anime Preview Episode 810: Luffy Lose the Telak!


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<h4> Luffy is still awaiting the return of Sanji in their battleground. However, the army of Big Mom's revenge is heading to its location, whether Luffy survived? </h4>
<p> As a Yonkou, surely the power of the Big Mom Pirates is unquestionable. Luffy is certainly in danger if you fight one of them. What if he fights many of his troops at once? </p>
<p> Luffy was inevitably facing a storm of revenge sent by Big Mom. This Yonkou sends many of his troops, even in the 809 episode, Nami calls this revenge troop a lot to be difficult to count. </p>
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Could Luffy be beaten by all these attacks? Unfortunately, Luffy is in a weak condition. Fortunately, they were given orders to capture the Straw Hat Pirates alive.

On the other hand, Sanji has met with Charlotte Pudding who in the 809 episode did invite her to meet personally. In this conversation, Puding understands that Sanji was forced to do this marriage, just like Puding himself.

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<p> Sanji also shows the conditions he is experiencing. The Vinsmoke family is not like a native family to Sanji. This blond-haired chef shows his real face that was turned up battered by his brothers. </p>
<p> Either whether this scene goes also into the anime <em> One Piece </em> Episode 810, but in <em> One Piece chapter </em> 846, simultaneously with Luffy's defeat by revenge forces, Sanji finally faces straight into Big Mom and begged to release the Straw Hat Pirates alive. Surely Sanji and Puding's quiet and successful marriage became his condition. </p>
<p> The battle of Chopper and Carrot against Randolph's rabbits who became the forces of the Big Mom Pirates also seems to be shown. Did Luffy finally lose? We look forward to the anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 810 next week. </p>
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