One Piece 907: Crazy, 3 Yonko Shown!

Discussion One Piece 907 below contains spoiler . Especially if you just follow the anime version only.




Orlumbus Takes Its Armada



After getting ready, Orlumbus took his fleet away from his country.

On the positive side: in this way, Orlumbus can still provide an enormous ship for the Great Straw Hats.

The downside: the king who was once the superior of Orlumbus will not remain silent against this desertion.

Really, the Great Hats of the Straw Hats are indeed proven to be troublemakers.



Kaido and Big Mom Interactions



This is really a startling interaction.

Basically, Big Mom wants Kaido if he's going to take Luffy's head. Not surprisingly, given Luffy's embarrassing him. Even because of the Morgans news, Big Mom is considered a loser in the Whole Cake Island conflict.

Kaido also has a desire for revenge on Luffy, because Luffy and Law upset his plans of building troops with SMILE.

Unique, Big Mom tries to get Kaido to obey him by reminding Kaido of their past debt.

What exactly is this debt? The author was curious. Did Kaido and Big Mom once allied themselves against the enemy?

Big Mom's words in One Piece The 907 also further affirms it: "Let's get on together, just as it used to be!"

Oh, there's another interesting one.

The Navy contingent of the king's contingent gathered at Red Port while the kings attended Reverie.

Well, these officers have heard about the conversations of Kaido and Big Mom. Then Hina revealed interesting information.

Based on the translation the author read, Hina's words, "But Garp-kun, talking about Big Mom and Kaido … and you are considered a hero of the Navy because …"

Garp's answer, "Oh, are you talking about 'Rocks'? I'm surprised you recognize them, Hina. Especially since you're so young. "

The Navy officer replied, "There is no doubt that before Roger came, it was their era! But that was over 40 years ago. "

Hina then delivered again, "Although they have lost their captain, their strength is still growing. Hina is worried. "

Garp then said it would be very dangerous if they returned. That would be a very big incident.

In 2017, Oda conveys that there will be a figure of legend that manifests itself. The figure of this legend has a relationship with Whitebeard and will be Luffy's most dangerous enemy.

If this figure used to make Kaido and Big Mom work together (there are such implications of Hina's words), and defeating him to make Garp a Hero of the Navy, you can imagine that this figure is Oda!

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