One Piece 905 Prove Luffy Crazier than Dragon! This is the reason!

The discussion below contains spoiler for the unopened chapter 905 One Piece .


Essentially, the Monkey family seen so far are all crazy.

Monkey D. Garp is the most amiss. Although he came from the kingdom of Goa, better known for creating dangerous villains for the World Government, Garp actually became a hero of the Navy.

Even so he still likes to act casually and not afraid to anger his boss and his king.

For Monkey D. Dragon, he is revolutionary. The most feared criminal of the World Government because he was eyeing Tenryuubito. There is no sane man in the world One Piece who dares to do that.

Then there is Monkey D. Luffy, the Worst Generation member who daily makes new news.

Right now, Luffy looks less popular than his own father. But a dialogue in One Piece 905 shows that Luffy might be crazier than Dragon.

Look at Koala words. "We do not want to subvert the World Government, but Tenryuubito controls them."

As Tenryuubito's accomplice, of course the World Government is eyeing Dragon. But for Dragon, they are just a barrier. The main target is the Tenryuubito from the beginning.

What about Luffy?

Well, Luffy has no vision like his father. Even so …

Luffy inadvertently waged war against the World Government, because government representatives (Spandam) decided to mess with his best friend.

Even that reason may be even more trivial than the great vision of Dragon to create a world free of Tenryuubito.

Oh yes, that does not mean Luffy does not want to deal with Tenryuubito. On the contrary,

If Tenryuubito hurt a figure that Luffy considers his best friend, he does not hesitate to punch them. He's been doing this since in Sabaody, creating a problem that culminated in Kuma having to bounce the Straw Hats to different places so they can practice.

So, Dragon accidentally waged war against Tenryuubito because he had a vision to overthrow them.

Luffy has no such vision. His passion was just adventure with his crew. But he did not hesitate to beat up Tenryuubito and declare war against the World Government for the more trivial reason.

Make no mistake, to beat people in power for the sake of friendship is clearly a noble reason. Yet Luffy did it completely without a plan or a mature thought.

Agree, right? This seems to prove that Luffy is more crazy than Dragon.

How do you think? Agreed not if Luffy is crazier than Dragon? Convey in the comment field!

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