One Piece 905 Prediction: Turn Vivi to Highlighted?

Previously, a warning: this is a prediction article One Piece 905, not a discussion nor spoiler . The event discussed here is the author's speculation.

Of course, to discuss the prediction of One Piece 905 yes the writer should consider the events in [OnePiece 903 and 904. Whole Cake Island's groove has actually ended in these two chapters, so for the anime version, the speculation below also contains spoiler .

For the anti-leak, it is not recommended further reading.

If you are already curious and want to discuss what it would be like One Piece 905, or do not mind leaks, please refer to the discussion below.




Reverie Will Multiple Perspective?



As the world heads for Reverie, Luffy heads for Wano.

OPLovers were curious: who would replace Luffy as the main character during the Reverie groove?

One Piece 903 and 904 provides an interesting point of view. In 903, we are shown Coby who has become captain and hero of the Navy. In 904 we replaced Sabo, who was preparing to target Tenryubito at Reverie.

The author also reckons that Oda will use a multi-perspective approach to the Reverie groove.

So Sabo will be the main focus of the Reverie Council, although sometimes Oda may also highlight another Revolutionary Forces figure, as he did in chapter 904.

Coby will be the main highlight of the Navy side, which is one of the guard parties of Reverie's event.

Then there will be another figure who will become the main spotlight from the political side.

Who is that figure? Consider advanced prediction One Piece 905 on the second page!

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