One Piece 905: Admiral Ryokugyu Reveals Yourself?!

As usual, the discussion One Piece 905 below contains spoiler . So if you are actually still looking for your own chapter and anti-leak, it is recommended not to read further.

But if you have read and wonder whether there is something you miss, or do not mind leak, please refer to the reviews below!




Orlumbus Will Sail Alone?



In the previous chapter, Orlumbus proposed the resignation of his king.

In this chapter, he is shown folding his clothes. Apparently this indicates that Orlumbus will actually leave his old position.

Then, would Orlumbus be joining solo to the Great Armada of the Straw Hats? Or will there be a crew of the desperate Yonta Maria fleet with him?

If so, the effect could be epic. So far the commanders of the Great Fleet have made many problems with others. (Don Sai spoils a planned political marriage, Bartolomeo makes trouble in the Shanks area).

Orlumbus might add to the problem of the Great Hats of Straw Hats with his native country.



Will Fight Versus Children Fight?



Monkey D. Garp attended the Reverie Council along with the Royal Ryugu troupe.

For now Garp seems to be casual. He even had time to make King Stelly of the Goa Kingdom upset and stressed.

But Garp's presence at Reverie makes the author suspect that there will be major conflicts in the near future.

You see, her son is sure to be present also make a mess at Reverie. Not only that, there are strong indications that Dragon has even moved on One Piece 905.

Who will win if Dragon and Garp have to duel? Most likely the Dragon. But it would be interesting to see Garp fight more seriously. He did not get to do it at Marineford.

Continued discussion One Piece 905 can you check on the second page!

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