One Piece 904: Time for Revolutionary Forces to Move!

Reverie Council is about to begin. The kings have begun to move. In One Piece 904, finally one more party was involved: The Revolutionary Army.

As usual, the discussion One Piece 904 contains spoiler . If you're still looking for your own chapter and anti-leak, you're wrong in.

If you already read and want to remember certain details of the chapter, or do not mind leaks, please refer to the reviews below.




Orlumbus Resigns from his Position



As the new commander of the Great Hats of the Straw Hats, Hajrudin is shown to have resigned from the Buggy pirate group.

One Piece 904 also shows Orlumbus having to resign from his position. The figure of the king who became Orlumbus's superiors was shown a rampage.

Will this resignation make Orlumbus lose most of his ship? That is the author's biggest question for this scene. Because, in addition to his ability to throw, Orlumbus stands out because he has the largest fleet in the alliance.

The author still guesses in the end only a loyal crew who participated Orlumbus. But this loyal crew will later be revealed most or even all members of Yonta Mary.



Germa Not Going to Reverie



Germa life or death is still a question. However One Piece 904 shows an interesting disclosure: The World Government decides to kick Germa out. Now, even if they survived, they would not go to Reverie.

What's interesting is yes, of course, the news priority. Germa should not be kicked out if they are confirmed to be destroyed. So this revelation seems to imply that the Vinsmoke family and their troops could somehow escape the great Big Mom fleet.

Regarding the reason Germa was thrown out, in addition to obviously helping Luffy, Big News Morgans also seemed to report that the Vinsmoke Judge had previously tried to build an alliance with Big Mom. The World Government does not seem to tolerate such a thing.

Advanced interesting stuff from One Piece 904 can you check it on the second page!

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