One Piece 903 Will Start Reverie Flow ?! This is the Discussion!

Chapter One Piece 902 ends the story of Whole Cake Island. But the last pages do not show what path we will see after this.

So, will we start seeing Wano's action? Or will we first see the groove of Reverie?

Sandman of the forum Arlong Park one of the most trusted sources for leaks One Piece reveals the answer: One Piece 903 seems to be starting the Reverie !

The matter of Reverie Council precedes this Wano seems to have been previously submitted by Oda. So loyal readers may not be surprised to hear it. Especially after the previous Oda said that the new Wano will begin 1-2 years in an interview in November 2017.


For more information, the writer feels that you should wait for your own leakage One Piece 903. What is clear timing Reverie's groove is interesting.

There may be among you who are already excited because they have been waiting for Wano's flow from … uh … 2016. But the plot is delayed because Luffy must save Sanji from Whole Cake Island first and face another Yonko: Big Mom.

The delay with this Reverie groove could be a sign of one of theories that Kaido would attack Reverie and initiate a global-scale conflict could be true. Because then Oda can make Reverie a prologue for the battle against Kaido.

Between that or not the Kaido that must be faced by kings and queens, but Dragon – which has not been heard since Baltigo destroyed Marshall D. Teach.

Interesting too: so far there's no reason for Luffy to Reverie. He had promised to deal with the problem at Wano first with the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. So unless something terrible happens, or a stray Sunny, it's unlikely that Luffy visits Reverie. He is also clearly not invited.

If Luffy is not at all involved, then this plot may not last long. The interesting thing is that there will be fan favorite figures attending the event, such as King Riku Dold (supervised by the Leo pirate group), Vivi, and Dalton.

So how will Reverie's flow be opened? Let's look forward to next week.

How did your response about Reverie come before this Wano? Convey in the comment field!

Source: Arlong Park

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