One Piece 883 Discussion: The Original Nature of the Katakuri Revealed!


One Piece 883 shows the true nature of Charlotte Katakuri, which he has long hide from everyone! Like what?

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Discussion of the manga chapter One Piece This 883 clearly contains spoiler . If you focus on watching the anime alone, then the reviews below may interfere with your viewing pleasure. So if you do not want to get a leak, it is advisable to think twice before going on.

But if you have read or do not mind spoiler anyway, please continue.



The Ideo Way to Resolve the Dispute

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<p> Still remember the explosion in Ideo's fleet in chapter <em> One Piece </em> 882 yesterday? Apparently the problem was caused because the two ships were fighting each other. </p>
<p> So Ideo punishes the perpetrators by beating them up. You can see the Ideo allies in the panel on this cover story. </p>
<p> It's a tolerable punishment method of fighters like Ideo. </p>
<p> 2 </p>
<p class= Katakuri Could Stop Luffy

Luffy's gear 4 had no use at all. By Awakening Mochi Mochi no Mi Katakuri was left to hoard the Straw Hat captain under a mound of structures he converted into mochi.

The reason Katakuri wanted to stop this fight quickly was Luffy made his meal snack time missed. It is very strange indeed, and make the author had thought Katakuri has sugar problems. If he lacks sugar, he will be weaker and easier to beat.

But Luffy has lost, so there's no problem for him to eat freely right? Not really.


Eat, Lock Safety Luffy at Whole Cake Island

There is one problem with the Awakening belonging to the Katakuri. Want to be as strong and as impressive as any Katakuri uses it, basically the structure he modifies is still mochi. People with high body endurance and lust

"Do I have to keep eating to win ?!" Luffy asked in this chapter. That's what he had to do once again against Sweet Commander. In the anime version (and last year in the manga) he was forced to eat a lot of Cracker biscuits to weaken the guy.

Will he also drink all the juices made by Smoothie as well later? We'll see.

Since Luffy stepped out of the Katchi's mochi heap eating, he smashed Sweet Mom's strongest Big Mom hideout. (After he first runs to burn calories from eating mochi). He also reveals the secret nature of the Katakuri.

What is the nature of Katakuri like? Check continued on the second page!


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