One Piece 881: Is it Really Thousand Sunny Sink?


Is it true that the Thousand Sunny is drowned in One Piece 881? Here's a discussion of the latest chapter One Piece!

It is clear that the discussion One Piece 881 contains spoiler . So if you have not followed the development of Whole Cake Island to the latest flow, or indeed the focus to follow the animation only, beware of leaks presented in this article.


Don Sai and Baby 5 Married

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Previously, Sai had allowed herself to be beaten by Uholicia to break her marriage with the many husbands. Now, in the cover story One Piece 881, it is shown that Sai went on to officially marry his true heart mate: Baby 5.

The author was quite amazed by this development. The characters One Piece are usually too busy adventuring to develop their romance. The characters who have wives are usually married before Luffy meets them, not growing from lovers, fiancés, and husband and wife.

But that's what happened to Don Sai. He successfully captured Baby 5 at the end of Dressrosa, then married a woman who could turn into the weapon here.


Jinbei: Prospective Trainer of the Straw Hat?

Previously, Jinbei showed his role in the dynamics of the Straw Hats. He can be a mentor, who takes a cool head and encourages his colleagues in the darkest. But the mentor is not a useful position in the ship.

Now, in One Piece 881, Jinbe denotes a position he can occupy in a ship: the ship's helmsman. With Nami's helpful knowledge of the weather, Jinbe can drive Sunny to … uh … surf the tsunami. Everyone had thought that Sunny was drowning, but in fact Jinbe and Nami succeeded to save the ship with a combination of their abilities.

The author had thought Jinbe would not survive Whole Cake Island, because if he survived the Straw Hats will have a Quartet Monster. Just look at Jinbe's power, which he showed off while controlling Sunny in this chapter. But the longer, the author even more hope Jinbe survived. His position is clear, and in New World the Straw Hats do need the help of monsters.

Mainly because after this there is already Kaido awaits.

Not only that interesting from One Piece 881. Continue reading the discussion on the second page!


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