One More Universe 7 Brawlers Eliminated


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<h4> After being delayed, <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 107 made the fans curious. Is it true that there are fighters of the Universe 7 that are eliminated again? </h4>
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Discussion Dragon Ball Super This 107 clearly contains the spoiler for the unseen. So be careful for you-you who do not want to get leaked.

If you've been watching and want to know if you missed the interesting details, or want to know the latest Tournament of Power statistics, please continue reading the reviews below.



The Oddity of the Number of Universe 4 Fighter

The first interesting thing that happened in Dragon Ball Super 107 is the disclosure of the number of remaining fighters. Most of it is clear, especially if you follow the development of elimination statistics at . But something interesting: Universe 4 is said to have four fighters remaining.

Indeed, the newly eliminated 4th Universe 4 fighters. But from the beginning until now, only eight fighters are seen from the Universe 4. Including the Ganos, who were seen as the main fighter of the universe before eliminated Roshi.

Beerus is worried that two hidden fighters of Universe 4 can affect the course of the tournament. Quitella can also be quiet because he has these two hidden fighters. But who are they?

No, the author does not accuse Frieza. (Though according to preview he, mysteriously, will be battling with Gohan in episode 108 later). But Frieza was able to reveal interesting things in his interactions with Sidra and Ro: there is no prohibition for fighter from other Universe to join rather than to the semestanya.

So what if two Universe 4 fighter actually doubles as another Universe fighter, then will later switch party? That's a possibility to reckon with.


Jiren Power Level

Maji Kayo, a fighter from Universe 3, had proven himself to be a fighter to be reckoned with. He can snatch Super Saiyan Goku long enough when Roshi is urged by Ganos of Universe 4. No wonder that Ea, Supreme Kai of Universe 3, relies on Maji Kayo to extract information about Jiren.

The reason, the strongest fighters Universe 11 is still hiding its true strength. Toppo and Jiren seemed to hold back, whatever happened, even though their Pride Trooper colleagues had to be eliminated by it.

Maji Kayo himself proved himself strong by withholding two attacks from Dyspo. Then Jiren appeared and … and the fight ended very quickly.

Jiren does not even need to use any technique. The energy from his punch was able to thrill Maji Kayo out of the arena. Though Jiren's boxing just did not touch Maji Kayo.

Although interesting, the above two things are only opener of Dragon Ball Super 107. Its core parts, including the elimination of another Universe 7 fighter, can be read on the second page!


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