One more Dead at Whole Cake Island?!


From the title of this article alone you should know that the [OnePiece 887 contains spoiler . If you're anti-leak and have not followed the Whole Cake Island groove of the manga version, you're actually wrong to go in.

But if you do follow the development of the story up to the latest chapter, or just do not mind spoiler you can read the full review of the interesting events One Piece 887 below.

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Blue Gilly and Ideo Decide Go

For the forgotten about the adventures of Ideo and Blue Gilly: the previous chapter shows that they are considering making a new ship from the wreck. But while Ideo discusses and thinks, long-sleeved tribes and long legs continue to fuss behind him.

Ideo seems to be aware: if a new ship is made the tribe members are noisy will still be noisy. They can even destroy each other's vessels. So why bother?

Rather than trying to make them understand and accept each other, as it is now between Blue Gilly and Ideo, Ideo decides to just go away.

Maybe long and long-sleeved tribes will make up and then work together to build new ships. Perhaps they will also perish because they hate each other until the last breath is exhaled. What is clear, Ideo is not willing to take care of it.


Nostra Castello Success Secures Cakes for Big Mom!

The author had thought a big battle would happen on Cocoa Island. But it seems that the prediction is not quite right, because in One Piece 887 Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon successfully secured their cake and took it to Bege's Nostra Castello.


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How they can do it, while the coast of Cocoa Island is full of Charlotte Oven troops. Though there is also a fleet in the ocean.

The key you can see above. Nosta Castello apparently has amphibian function. This ship can replace the paddle into a tank wheel, so that they can immediately switch to a ground vehicle when needed.

But Nostra Castello must keep moving, while the cake for Big Mom has a giant size. How did the chef crew get to move it?

Fortunately there is one member of the Straw Hat Monster Trio on Cocoa Island.

See the figure under the cake pedati? That's Sanji.

After a long time just being a prisoner, Sanji really showed all his abilities so far. She showed her romantic ability to, unknowingly, entice Pudding. He uses his cooking skills to create a replacement cake. Then he used his legs to beat the Oven with lightning and kicked the cake to Nostra Castello.

With this, Nostra Castello was complete. There's Sanji, who wants to be picked up by the Straw Hat crew; there was Chiffon, who was Bege's motivation all the way; there is Pudding; there's even a cake that could be a weapon for Big Mom.

Nostra Castello was not difficult to return to the sea. The oven that tried to block it was crushed.

But apparently there is still a threat that confronts Nostra Castello's ship. This threat even made one person – apparently – lost his life to save the ship. Who? Continue reading the discussion One Piece 887 on the second page!


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