One Genesis in One Piece Episode 831 It Reminds Major Big Mom's Weakness Problem!

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Although the author's discussion here is the occurrence of [OnePiece episode 831, the author will also bring up one incident in the new manga that will occur later. So if you just follow the anime version, be careful spoiler .

If you already read the manga, then this article is intended for you. Who does not mind leaks also please listen, of course.


One Piece episode 831 is an adaptation of chapter 861. The wedding party is already under way, just waiting for the brides to ascend to the altar.

However there is one incident, which is also present in chapter 861, which attracts the author's attention from this episode.

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<p> When someone asks what Carmel relates to Big Mom, the Yonko mobilizes Haoshoku Haki to drop the person who questioned him. Big Mom's choice of sentence is the same as the manga version: "Do not interfere with my memories!" </p>
<p> Big Mom's main downside is not the photo of Mother Carmel. His main weakness is the memories involving Carmel and his childhood friends. Big Mom herself did not realize it, but actually Carmel and his friends disappeared not because they escaped, but because he preyed on them due to his uncontrollable greed. </p>
<p> So far, knowing that fact is only Straussen (who will not say it) as well as the giants of Elbaf (who from the very beginning hated Big Mom too). </p>
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So far, in the manga it was revealed that Big Mom was incredibly powerful. Especially when he craves certain foods, so he enters the berserk condition where his power escapes uncontrollably. Who can defeat him in a direct fistfight may be just one of three Navy admirals or Kaido. Even if he was successfully beaten, he would not feel it.


The only way I can think of stopping Big Mom is to twist her memories while eating around her friends and Mother Carmel. His assertion that no one tries to leverage his memories, pronounced in One Piece episode 831 and chapter 861, is a clue that it seems to have been prepared by Oda. And who can do that only … Pudding.

Even since the past chapter of Big Mom revealed in the manga version also the author had figured that the only thing that could make Big Mom's total paralysis only Pudding forced Big Mom to remember what happened to Carmel. Especially if Pudding, with the ability to manipulate memories like a photographic film, can clarify what happened to Carmel.

Of course, in the manga version Pudding is not on Fluff Island with Big Mom. But the author suspects that in the end that could open the way for the Straw Hats of Big Mom ya Pudding.

But how can Pudding do it? Let's see what happens next.

If you think how ya? Are Big Mom's words in One Piece episode 831 and manga chapter 861 indeed signify that Pudding, the memory manipulator, will ultimately paralyze it? Convey in the comment field!

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