Often Missed, Here Are 4 Faithful To Death Kage Wives Support Their Husband.


Behind the success of a man, there must be a faithful wife who provides support and encouragement. Rarely discussed, these are the four faithful Kage wives to death supporting her husband.

Women's role in village leadership is still rarely seen. The dominance and greatness of men is still visible in Naruto. The role of the istripun also not highlighted from the lack of information about the figure of the companion of the Kage. Nevertheless, it turns out that they played a major role in protecting the village and supporting the power of their husbands as the supreme leader of the village. Here are 4 faithful Kage wives to death supporting her husband.



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Wife of: Pain (Fourth Kazekage)

Karura is a kind and gentle woman who cares deeply about her family. She gave birth to three children for Rasa, namely Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara. Having a different view of her husband, Karura is forced to let Shukaku's monsters sealed inside their unborn child Gaara. But it turns out this must be paid handsomely as a father and husband. Sealing Shukaku to Gaara made his birth premature and Karura lost his life.

Before his death, Karura asked to see his son for the first and last time. Seeing how small and weak Gaara's baby is, Karura expressed his desire to protect her by all means when he embraced her before he died. With his strong will to protect his son, Karura is able to provide chakra to the sand of Gaara. This causes Gaara's sand to automatically move to protect him whenever he is in danger. When the sand shield reaches its maximum effect, Gaara sand is shaped like Karura's face.



Wife of: Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)

Kushina is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan who originally lived in Uzushiogakure but migrated to Konoha. The purpose of leaving the village is because he has his special chakra and is asked to be the next jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Change. Kushina was actually afraid of it, but she was comforted by the jinchuriki then, Mito Uzumaki. Before the transfer was made, Mito advised Kushina that love was the only way to tame the tail of nine and overcome his hatred.

In contrast to his fear at the time will be made jinchuriki. He and Minato protect Naruto and are willing to seal the Nine tail into his body again though not allowed by Minato. Eventually, he and Minato were killed in protecting the village and Naruto.

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