OFFICIAL, The Sword Used by Boruto is Belongs to Sasuke!

Although in general the story Boruto has so far been boring and disappointing, but there are some things that remain interesting to follow in this sequel Naruto series-especially regarding the fate of Naruto and Sasuke. In the opening scene Boruto why did Kawaki say as if Naruto had been killed? Then, is the sword carried by Boruto is Sasuke's sword?

While these questions can not be fully answered, however, the 16-year-old Boruto's official design answers some questions-especially about Boruto's sword. Yes, the sword brought by Boruto in the opening scene Boruto is Sasuke's sword!

Here is the official design of Boruto when he was 16 years old:

If you look in detail, there is <サスケ の 刀> which points towards the sword of Boruto. The writing if read is Sasuke no Kata which means Sasuke's sword! In this way, it is answered that the sword is indeed Sasuke's sword.

Obviously, for the question "whether Sasuke-and also Naruto-killed?" Can not be fully answered. However, Masashi Kishimoto once said that there will be a Naruto character who was killed in the Boruto series. So, there is still a possibility that the answer to that question is "yes", only we do not know exactly who will die here. Well, we wait for the next news.

For those of you who do not know, there is writing <浄眼> in the head design section of Boruto which is read as Jougan . Jougan This in itself is a temporary name for the eyes of Boruto. It is mentioned that the eyes of Boruto are not including Byakugan or Jougan-but something else.

Obviously, it will be very long for Boruto to answer these questions. However, it is undeniable that this part is the most anticipated by the fans of Borhor .

Boruto alone actually has a lot of potential to be good. But the daily life of Boruto as a student of academy and genin is felt to be very long-winded, besides the uneven technological progress also makes the story so not so good to follow.

Source: Reddit

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