Official! Naruto Recognizes He's Still a Genin Before So Hokage!

Navers may long debate: is Naruto actually still genin until the day he became Hokage?

The problem is, Naruto grew up in an era full of conflict. The first chunin test was disrupted by Orochimaru's actions.

let him, other participants such as Neji, Sakura, Sasuke, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and many other names did not end up in class so chunin. The only one who graduated from the chaotic exams was just Shikamaru Nara.

On another occasion, Naruto who has mastered the Sage Mode confronts Konohamaru in the chunin exam. Though far ahead of Konohamaru, Konohamaru defeated Naruto and became a chūnin ahead of his senior because Naruto used senjutsu. Whereas the use of senjutsu is prohibited.

But is it really Naruto being chunin, then jonin, in the quiet times after the Fourth Shinobi War? The author does not follow the novels that tell the story, so the author does not know.


But Naruto himself answered the question in Boruto episode 48. Due to many factors (two of which were written above) he did not get to pass the chunin exam. So yes Naruto is actually still genin.

Surely that's not a problem. Skill Naruto's current leadership feels so amazing. His prestige alone can make demonstrators silent instantly, and turns to give him a round of applause after he gives a speech.

Naruto's ability to fight Konohamaru in the chunin exam alone is already far beyond other participants, considering that he could use senjutsu at that time. Now? Perhaps you could say he is one of the living gods of the shinobi world. If so, even the village elders also seem to not care if Naruto is still a genin.

It's just that it would be funny too if Naruto retires and then decided to take the chunin exam?


Oh yes, maybe loyal readers remembers that Masashi Kishimoto himself, in the year 2015 once, once conveyed about the official status of Naruto, which genin ago became Hokage.


It's just that this time Naruto admits it himself, haha.

How is your comment when Naruto acknowledged himself sebenanrya still genin? Convey in the comment field!

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