Official! Anime Gintama Will Display Its Last Story Story in the Near Time!


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<h4 style= Anime Gintama will enter his final storyline, and follow his manga of the Silver Soul or Gin no Tamashi storyline in the near future!

The "end" is something very unpleasant, but slowly but surely, the end will be encountered by every thing, including the ending of the anime and manga series Gintama which will enter the final storyline for the animenya, and already ongoing in his manga.

The last storyline in Gintama is titled Silver Soul, or Gin no Tamashi, or it can be shortened again, and follows the title of the series, Gintama. Indeed, what will happen in this final storyline?


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Currently, the anime Gintama is currently airing in Japan, and titled Porori-Hen or in the Indonesian language means the storyline of the insert. As the name suggests, Gintama this season only aired several comedy stories that were not directly related to the main storyline, while the serious storyline in the animation before Porori-Hen was Rakuyo's storyline.

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<p style= Continuing the battle of Sakata Gintoki and his friends after the war at Rakuyo. They return to Earth, and Earth is full of chaos. Utsuro destroys other planets in the solar system other than Earth, using the Altana energy of the planet.

Since the Earth is the only viable living planet still intact, some survive from the devastated planet united and plan to colonize the Earth, on the grounds of the liberation army or the Altana Liberation Army.

On the other hand, Utsuro also plans on destroying the Earth, and crumbling with him. Utsuro can not die, therefore he wants to destroy the solar system and bring everything to death with him.

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<p style= Gintoki and other Edo residents unite to oust the Altana Liberation Army, as well as stop Utsuro's evil intent to destroy the entire solar system. Manganya is halfway running Silver Soul storyline, but it is not known when the series will end, which is definitely the Silver Soul is the main storyline of the last.

The author himself can not wait to see the Silver Soul storyline in the form of anime, because of the many exciting battles and the return of almost any character ever connected with Gintoki! Then, when will the Silver Soul storyline be aired in the animated version?

Silver Soul will air in the near future, which is January 7, 2018! The opening song was performed by the band DISH with the title "Katte ni My Soul." As for the closing song, sung by the band Burnout Syndrome under the title "Hana Ichi Monme."


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