Official! Anime Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Confirmed Will Be Attending!


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<h4> Be prepared, anime <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em> <em> season </em> 3 already confirmed! </h4>
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Boku no Hero Academia The second season that airs when this article is written is coming to an end. In his second season, the story will end when Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou must fight All Might.

Do you like the animenya? So lucky for you who likes anime Boku no Hero Academia because the third continuation of this anime season will soon be made.

Through Yonkou Production's Twitter account, a scanned magazine featuring an anime image of Boku no Hero Academi is of course written in Japanese.

In caption tweetnya, he wrote "My Hero Academia Season 3 Announcement" or Boku no Hero Academia third season was announced.

As always, it is the image of the scan -an from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Just like some other media, Weekly Shōnen Jump is also difficult to withstand information leakage, and usually the information has been leaked a few days before its magazine is published (every Monday).

Surely all the fans are happy with the news of the third season of Boku no Hero Academia. Admittedly, the popularity of Boku no Hero Academia has increased since the animation began airing.

Not only that, the storyline of Boku no Hero Academia did indeed attract fans, so the anime and manga have a lot of fans, and finally get the latest season anime.

Boku no Hero Academia tells of a young man named Midoriya Izuku. He lives in a world where human beings are born with advantages, and they are used to save others, until the era of heroes emerges.

Unfortunately, Midoriya who is often called Deku is born different, he does not have that power, but he still aspires as a hero. His encounter with the idol, All Might, changed the fate of Midoriya until he could really become a hero.

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<p> Likely, in the third season will get to the All Might fight is so powerful, to the extent that his secret is revealed to the public. The author himself hopes the new form of Kirishima, Red Riot Unbreakable (picture above) will be shown in the third season. Whatever it is, we look forward to the third season of the show yes. </p>
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