Of All the Hokage Candidates, 5 of them are the Worst Leaders!

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The obligatory thing possessed by a Hokage is Will of Fire. However, what about the worst case scenario if this is not ignored at all by the villagers Konohagakure? What if they were the worst Hokage who had served as the protector of the largest shinobi village in the world? Who are the people who are potentially the most dangerous person to hold this position? Find the answer here!

Shimura Danzo had become an emergency Hokage in time of crisis, but it seems that the figure of course ambitious to master the ninth Bijuu does not have the Will of Fire principle that makes it worthy of being a Hokage! With his militaristic maneuver, a Shimura Danzo is feared to build Konohagakure into a Kirigakure-like old age. And not only that, he did not dismiss his own ambition to seize the reins of leadership from the hands of the legitimate Hokage!


Although he retained Shisui's power with his death, at least Danzo died before his ambition took over him completely. Although Danzo has good intentions, no one knows what dangerous methods he will do next.

Orochimaru is only interested in the progress of his research, and Otogakure himself is proof of his motivation, the process. If Orochimaru rises to Hokage and conquers Konohagakure, it is not surprising that the whole inhabitants who live in it become experimental material for him. Do not believe? Even after Otogakure was acknowledged as an official and eligible shinobi village to join inter-village associations, Orochimaru was still carrying out his experiments that did not recognize ethics, but led to the other prominent Boruto Mitsuki.

Furthermore, Orochimaru did not hesitate to implant his eyes everywhere even in peacetime. With his status as a war criminal, it is clear there will be many assassin attempts aimed at his life even though the figure is lightly condoned by the Seventh Hokage.

Want to know who are the next three worst Hokage Candidates? Check out the next page!

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