Observing Conflict 11 Supernova Versus Yonko That Happened So Far!

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Eleven Supernova One Piece is a rising pirate. No kidding, some of them even had plans to fight a Yonko. It was a move that the Navy did not even want to do in the Sengoku era, unless they were really ready. The Supernova versus Yonko conflict has already broken out in New World.

But maybe you wonder: how the author uses the name of eleven Supernova instead of the Worst Generation? Well, basically an addition from Supernova to Worst Generation (Marshall D. Teach) was never really close to the Supernovas, unlike some names who had both had to deal with Kizaru and Pacifista at Sabaody. Teach has also surpassed the eleven figures to become Yonko.

So, let's look at the Supernova versus Yonko conflict that has happened so far.

Oh, but before it starts: the authors will use events in the manga version as a consideration. So for some parts, maybe the discussion below contains spoiler . Watch out for the anti-leaks.


Supernovae involved: Urouge, Luffy, Bege

There are three Supernova names that have made great achievements against Big Mom. The first was Urouge, who managed to bring down the Sweet Commander Snack. Urouge himself then managed to escape back to the Island of Sky; a remarkable achievement, given how hard the Straw Hats are trying to escape from Whole Cake Island.


The second and third are Luffy and Bege. As the main character, no wonder Luffy (aided by an unexpected alliance with Bege) was able to create a mess at Whole Cake Island. When this article was written, Luffy had dropped two Sweet Commander. If Luffy and Bege successfully escape from Whole Cake Island, then they managed to surpass Urouge's previous achievements.

Remarkably again, Luffy does it all without being supported by fellow Supernovas (Law and Zoro) as well as the Great Fleet of the Straw Hats. If he goes back to Whole Cake Island with the Big Straw Hats, maybe Big Mom will be permanently lost.

For further discussion of Supernova versus Yonko so far, as well as speculation about future events, you can check on the second page!

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