Nyeleneh! These Some Jutsu are Strange Yet Creative and Strong!

Jutsu is an attack technique in anime and manga stories Naruto . Jutsu requires a certain hand seal and also the use of Chakra to be successfully expelled to attack his opponent.

In the Naruto series, Jutsu usually deals with the user's basic element of nature, for example Naruto who has a Jutsu Rasenggan (wind), or Sasuke who has a Chidori Jutsu (lightning).

Usually Jutsu will look cool and dangerous, but there are some strange yet creative Jutsu as you will see below!


The Suffering of Thousand Years

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<p> Who can not remember with this strange Jutsu? In the Thousand Year Suffering, or the Japanese naam Sennen Goroshi this is a strange but truly "deadly" Jutsu. </p>
<p> Kakashi will form his finger like a Jutsu seal. But it is not a Jutsu that comes out, but Kakashi will thrust his finger seal into his opponent's butt, and in this case is little Naruto. </p>
<p> When Naruto is struck by this peculiar Kakashi Jutsu, Naruto is thrown and flies far enough, until he finally plunges into the lake at the test spot. </p>
<p> When the anime and manga series <em> Naruto </em> famous and aired on Indonesian television in the early 2000s, many children mimicked this strange Jutsu. Ever tried or exposed this Jutsu? </p>
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Whac-A-Mole Jutsu

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<p> Whac-A-Mole Jutsu or the technique of hitting moles of the ground is a strange Jutsu and owned by Tobi. This technique appears when Tobi confronts several teams from Konoha, led by Kakashi. </p>
<p> Kakashi's plan is split to get to where Sasuke fights, but Tobi can not let that happen. Finally he dug into the ground, and appeared in front of the Konoha Ninja, then struck the Ninja using a common tree twig. </p>
<p> Uniquely, this strange Jutsu is able to make the Konoha Ninja startled. Although the name of this Jutsu is Whac-A-Mole Jutsu, it is not the man who hit the ground rat, but the mice that hit people. You can see the Jutsu below: </p>
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There are still other strange Jutsu of the Naruto and Boruto series! Check the next page for another Jutsu!

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