Not Visible, What Samehada Shizuma Palsu?


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<h4> Unable to use, began to circulate the suspicion that Samehada Shizuma is false! But is it? </h4>
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Appeared a pretty funny allegation from Navers. Thus, it is suspected that the Shameeous sword of Samehada Shizuma.

The main reason for this suspicion is the Samehada sword who has returned to Kirigakure. In fact, this sword should still be safe in the hands of Killer B.

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<p> Indeed, it is possible that Samehada has been restored B during peacetime after the Fourth Shinobi World War. But still, this weirdness made a lot of fan <em> Naruto </em> wondering. </p>
<p> This suspicion is getting stronger because Shizuma, so far, has not been given a chance to open his sword. All his allies have been showing off since the theft, proving that five Kirigakure heirloom weapons (minus Hiramekarei and Samehada are not worn) are clearly original. Hiramekarei is also clearly original. </p>
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The construction of such plots further tempts fans to argue that Samehada Shizuma is false, and Shizuma himself does not realize it. When he finally opens it, he will find that the sword is just a replica. The fake object entered by Mei, Chojuro, or other Kirigakure officials only to complete an empty position, since the original Samehada is still carried by B.

What makes this theory stronger is the focus of the story to Kagura, not Shizuma. Even the one that appears significant in the song's video is Kagura. So it makes sense that after Kagura succeeds in being persuaded with Naruto's no-jutsu heritage to Boruto, he turns against Shizuma. Then it turns out Shizuma's sword is false, until he can be overcome quickly.

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<h3> But Really? </h3>
<p> Fake or not Samehada Shizuma should be revealed in the upcoming episode. From the outstanding synopsis, episode 31 will show a long duel between Kagura and Boruto. </p>
<p> Then, in the midst of a duel there will be someone who comes. </p>
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The synopsis does not mention who the person who suddenly came was. But from the 30th episode does the writer feel that it is certain that Mitsuki, who brought the intel scroll from Suigetsu.

Giving Suigetsu it will probably be the key for Boruto to awaken Kagura. If it had been this way, since Shizuma had lost all his other allies, he had no choice but to finally open Samehada. This should happen at the end of the episode, in order for the audience to be curious about the next episode.

Let me call myself the author hopes that Samehada Shizuma's sword is genuine. It has not been seen for a long time. If Kagura then closes his inner trauma, and his doubts about Yagura's blood flowing in his veins, against Shizuma then the duel will be exciting. Just imagine the clash of forces between Hiramekarei and Samehada.

If it turns out Samehada Shizuma is fake, then officially already. Besides Kagura, Shizuma and his five allies are just comedians. Duel Kagura against Shizuma is only limited to Kagura rid of Shizuma psychological power over him, and prove that he will not follow the path of Yagura.


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