Not So Game Over, Will Kaneki Still Die?


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<h4> Manga <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> not over yet. However, will Kaneki's destiny end? </h4>
<p> In <em> chapter </em> earlier, Kaneki had been defeated in a shameful manner. Fight against Juuzo and Abara, Kaneki now only has a body without arms and legs. Is Kaneki going to die? </p>
<p> Currently, Kaneki Ken's condition is slightly different. In <em> chapter </em> 144, we are served what is in Kaneki's mind. If you look at things like this, there must be many readers who have thought that this is the end of Kaneki. </p>
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In his own mind, Kaneki meets all his personality. Starting from the innocent Kaneki and not yet Ghoul, Kaneki became Ghoul in Anteiku, Kaneki who was tortured by Jason, Kaneki or Haise Sasaki in CCG, and Kaneki is currently the leader of Goat.

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<p> All these Kaneki personalities speak like different people. They talked about Kaneki's current terrible condition. Here, they also discussed the possibility of defeat of Kaneki. </p>
<p> According Kaneki, he can lose because Abara, Juzou's right hand is very annoying. If a one-on-one duel against Juzou, he himself thinks that there is a possibility for him to win, differently if Juzou gets <em> backups </em> from Abara. </p>
<p> His diverse personality also provides different opinions. Kaneki while being tortured Jason wants him to fight back, unlike the other Kaneki who are already aware that their condition is very unfavorable and possible. </p>
<h3> Kaneki Monster </h3>
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