Not Sasuke! This Shikamaru's Evidence Is a Good Friend of Naruto!

We all know, Naruto's good friend in the anime series and his manga is Sasuke, who has even been regarded as his own brother by the Seventh Hokage. But you realize, there is one more person, who is even better and better understand Naruto than Sasuke, Shikamaru.

There is some evidence that Shikamaru is a good friend of Naruto, and do you realize it? If you do not remember the moment that proves Shikamaru is Naruto's good friend, consider the following facts!


Shikamaru Is Naruto's First Friend

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<p> Long before Naruto meets the 7th team, and befriends Sakura, Sasuke, and her teacher, Kakashi, she has difficulty in making friends. Of course this difficulty is due to the Kyuubi who live in his body, and bring trauma to the citizens of Konoha. </p>
<p> Even so, as a child, actually other kids have no problem playing with Naruto, but their parents are banning, so Naruto does not get any friends. There are only two people who want to play with Naruto, he is Chouji and Shikamaru. In fact, Chouji gets angry when Shikamaru says Naruto is stupid, but eventually the three of them can play together. </p>
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Appreciating Naruto

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<p> There are two people who always appreciate and deeply respect with Naruto, he is Shikamaru and Hinata. Both realized that there was a "something" that was unique and different from Naruto's self, which must have been hard to see, and these two could see it. </p>
<p> Naruto is a very good person, why Hinata really appreciate Naruto because this young man several times defended him, ranging from ridiculed other children for his eyes, until about himself which is indeed weak and can be suppressed. </p>
<p> Whereas Shikamaru, he still does not know what is in Naruto, but he has felt it since he was a kid until entering <em> Naruto Shippuden </em>. According to Shikamaru, Naruto has something that makes others want to follow him, and for him, it is the most important capital to become Hokage. </p>
<p> Additionally, Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata and Kiba (who befriended Naruto when they were punished together) were the children of Naruto's generation who never took badly for Naruto, and did not care about the "monster" that was in his body. </p>
<h4> <strong> On the front page, there is still proof why Shikamaru is Naruto's good friend! Check out the next page! </strong> </h4>
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