Not Only Strong, Here are 10 Characters Closely Black Clover!


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<h4 style= Are you following the Black Clover series that purportedly supposedly supersedes Naruto ? Check out the 10 beautiful characters Black Clover which also has great power in this article!


Luck Voltia

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<p style= Ranking to 10 beautiful characters Black Clover occupied by Luck Voltia who is one of squad Black Bull members. He is a young man who has blue eyes and blond hair that always fall apart.

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Although his face is quite handsome, Luck unfortunately has a body that is not tall. He also always uses a long-sleeved shirt with brightly colored Black Bull cloak, and dark trousers.

Although small, Luck Voltia has great strength. In fact he has a hobby to fight. Only through the fight will he feel happy. Not infrequently he asked Yami Sukehiro, the captain squad to fight with him.


Magna Swing

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<p style= Magna Swing is also a member of Black Bull who belongs to the handsome character Black Clover . His appearance does look like a hoodlum because it has a stylish hair mohawk and his hard-talking manner.

But in fact Magna has a heart like Hello Kitty. He can not bear to see other people's troubles, even new members in his squad like Asta and Noelle. He always felt as a senior, he had to help even protect the two new children.

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Magna always uses white clothing coated with a navy leather jacket paired with navy trousers. People who see it at first glance must feel he is not a good person. But after knowing him more deeply and knowing his nature, adds a point of cogency to himself.


Yami Sukehiro

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<p style= This one man is the captain of squad Black Bull. He has a tall, sturdy body, and long black hair. His sharp black eyes and his ever-wearing armor make people afraid of him.

Just like other squad members, Yami also wears a Black Bull coat robe on her right shoulder. However, the robe he was wearing did not look neat, rather like a tear from a larger banner.

As one of squad captains in Clover Kingdom, Yami certainly has tremendous power. Even Asta had felt the scary aura of Yami when she first met him. Yami does not look too handsome, on the other hand the charisma she has that makes her look charming.

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