Not Only Altria, These 5 Best Sword Experts of the Fate Series!


 Servant Saber Class "width =" 640 "height =" 360 "/> If you are a fan of <em> Fate </em>surely you have <em> servant </em> your favorite here. will try to abduct some [servantsaber-class<em> servants who are no less cool heroes than <em> servant </em> <em> mainstream </em>for example Altria Pendragon. </h4>
<p> Perhaps for fans of the <em> Fate </em> series, you certainly have servant </em> or <em> servant-class </em> respective favorites, one of which writers might guess is Altria Pendragon. But for this article, the author will try to review <em> servant Saber-class </em> which is the coolest hero the author ever found. </p>
<p> For this article, the author will not name the Altria Pendragon because he has indeed been the main actor of the <em> Fate series, </em> and also as a press on his title "Apart from Altria …". This also applies to Arthuria Pendragon <em> Prototype </em>. </p>
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<figcaption class= Source: Fate / Grand Order Wiki

Siegfried the first we know as servant Saber-class * 4 in mobile game Fate Grand Order and following the famous as Saber of Black in the anime series Fate Apocrypha is the first choice as Saber The coolest choice of author.

In addition to fame as servant in the Fate series, the author also considers Siegfried because his background is based on his original mythology.

Siegfried or sometimes found as Sigurd is a character of Nordic mythology and is also known as one of the heroes in Nibelungenlied Germany.

Based on the story Hikayat Völsunga, Sigurd is famous for his courage for successfully killing Fafnir who is a cursed dragon with a sword named Gram.

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