Not Lose Cool, Luffy's Enemies It's Liked by The Fans!

It has been 20 years since One Piece was first serialized. Since then, there have been enough enemies Luffy and other Straw Hat Pirates who appear in this manga. Luffy's enemies and members of the Straw Hat Pirates have unique strengths-and do not miss-the interesting personalities and pastimes!

Of course, this is all thanks to Oda's creativity in making character. Not only the main character, but the enemies are also made to have their own uniqueness and personality. No doubt, many readers are fans of some of Luffy's enemies and the Straw Hat Pirates. Who do you think the characters are meant here? Here is the list!

Oh, you need to remember, this list is not sorted by rank. So not necessarily the earlier mentioned is more popular and vice versa.


Charlotte Katakuri

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<p style= When talking about Luffy's enemies who are able to win the hearts of the fans, of course, the first thing that comes to the minds of most fans is Charlotte Katakuri. This can not be separated from his new appearance so fans are still fresh considering the character of this one.

Then, why katakuri able to take the hearts of the fans? It is due to the coolness of Katakuri and gentleman . Considered a perfect human figure, Katakuri never contemptuous Luffy and even angry when his sister, Flampe, disrupts his fight with Luffy. He just wants to face his enemy on the equal stage and win fairly.

Due to its nature, many fans are hoping that Katakuri will join the Straw Hat Pirates.



Senor Pink

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<p style= Senor Pink is probably an enemy that has a weird and silly look. In addition, its hardboiled and considered cool-looking is also often featured in various comedy scenes. First appeared and was introduced as a member of the Donquixote Pirate, Senor Pink fought against Franky.

However, behind his strange and silly appearance, and his cool-looking nature, who would have thought that Senor Pink had a very sad and touching past? Long story short, the reason why he wore the baby clothes is because his wife is stressed and can no longer communicate after the accident and also their child who died.

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<p style= Senor Pink has tried to use various means to entertain his wife but failed. The only way to cheer her up and make her smile is to wear baby clothes. He continues to wear the clothes wherever though laughed at by many people. He even still wore baby clothes after his wife died-showing that he really loves his wife. Hiks .

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