Not Just You, Here Are 5 Anime Characters That Get Friendzone. Duh Sad See it!


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<h4 style= Not only you doang lho who ngalamin sick is in the zone friendzone, row karakater anime is also never considered a friend by someone who crave. Anybody yes? Here are 5 anime characters that hit friendzone.

Friendzone is a terrible word. Where you really love someone, but that person just think of you as a friend or friend only. Sick? Oh obviously.

But calm down, it's not just you who experienced such a dramatic thing. In the anime world too, many apes are in the zone friendzone. Maybe you are willing to give puk-puk on the shoulders of those characters for free.

Well who are the anime characters that hit friendzone? Just check the list below.


Suwa – Orange

Probably no story friendzone that is so pathetic than Suwa in the anime Orange. All events begin when Suwa receives a letter from the future. In the letter, it is said that Suwa will marry Naho, her beloved one. Of course Suwa happy to know the fact.

But underneath that, Naho is more in love with Kakeru. In the future, although Suwa is happy, but she can not give happiness to Naho who still loves Kakeru.

Finally, Suwa in the future counsels Suwa in the past not to pursue Naho and gives her the chance to get happiness from Kakeru.

Finally, Suwa was willing to just be Kakeru's friend forever.


Ume Kurumizawa – Kimi ni Todoke

Anime characters hit friendzone next is Ume Kurumizawa from anime Kimi ni Todoke . Narrated from junior high school, Kurumi has loved Kazehaya very much. To show his love form, Kurumi is willing to follow the same hobby with Kazehaya, likes everything that Kazehaya likes, until people consider them dating.

Despite having a beautiful face and smart, but Kurumi has a bad trait that makes Kazehaya do not like. Kazehaya had only considered Kurumi as a close friend.

Until one day Kazehaya expressed his love for another girl named Sawako. Hearing the news, Kurumi immediately brought out all his bad qualities to Sawako and hurt Sawako's heart to tears.


Brakes – Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

If you've ever watched anime Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu surely you already know how the love affair brakes Rem. There Rem is described as a cute girl who fared apes, yes her love to Subaru just clapped one hand. Subaru also only thinks Rem is limited to friends.

Although knowing Subaru likes other women, but the Rem remains faithful to be next to Subaru and support all the decisions taken by his one-handed lover.

There are still two characters who also fared apes because taxable friendzone. Anyone? Check on next page!


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