Not Just Tsubasa, It's The 5 Anime 90s That Must Get Remake


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<h4 style= In addition to Captain Tsubasa which in 2018 will be premiered in the remake version, should be the very 90s anime series we are getting this remake as well. But any anime huh?

You could say the 90s was a glorious era for anime. Not only gave birth to many anime-so memorable anime, but in that era, little children in Indonesia seemed to get the pleasure of a piece of paradise when the television station vying for anime show on Sunday morning.

This year, David Production will bring back the popular 90s anime in Indonesia, Captain Tsubasa. Directed by Kato Toshiyuki, anime remake is planned to be aired spring later.

If you can hope, some other 90s anime also needs to get the remake version. In addition to improving the image quality, the anime can also bring a nostalgic audience with childhood.

Well this might be a row of 90s anime that should be in remake besides Captain Tsubasa .


Slam Dunk

The title of this anime certainly not unfamiliar in the ears of the 90's children. How engga, Slam Dunk was touted as the best basketball anime ever. Kuroko no Basket has not been able to match the anime lifted from Takehiko Inoue's manga. Not even the best, but the Slam Dunk really makes basketball sport suddenly popular in Asia, especially in Japan.

Telling Hanamichi Sakuragi's journey to become the best basketball player in the World. Although equipped with a posture that occupies as a basketball player, and was awarded the talent that is in him, Sakuragi instead do more foolish actions in reaching his dream.

In addition to the ridiculous acts demonstrated by the main character Sakuragi, the anime Slam Dunk gives much knowledge about the terms and rules of playing basketball.

Yes, maybe We all hope that one of the popular 90s anime gets its remake version.


Saint Seiya

Anime 90s this one also baseball less popular. Saint Seiya aired on TVRI, Indosiar and RCTI, as well as being one of the most awaited spectacles each week.

Saint Seiya itself was originally an anime divided from three parts, namely Sanctuary (1-73), Asgard (74-99), and Poseidon (100-114). Telling about five knights who were nicknamed "Saint". They have power based on body armor named Cloth originating from the constellation of their respective owners.

In addition to Indonesia, the anime Saint Seiya has also become a popular anime in several countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, to Germany.

Later it had been blowing news if Saint Seiya would have been adapted into the film Live-action.



Tuk ku tuk Hamtaro ran

Hamtaro spins on his spin wheel

What he likes most

Sunflower seed

Actually the anime Hamatro just appeared in the early 2000s, but certainly the anime adapted from the Ritsuko Kawai manga is deeply beloved by the 90s generation.

This anime tells about a hamster named Hamtaro who is very curious with various things outside kandanganya. Together with other hamsters, Hamtaro was often adventurous looking for new things. It is said that because of this anime, many people are finally interested in raising a cute mouse called a hamster.

What would happen if this one anime also got remake? It would be really exciting!

There are still two more favorite anime generations of the 90's that must earn remakes!

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