Not Hiatus, Dragon Ball Super Ended March! See You Again, Goku?


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<h4 style= After being suspected of only hiatus, news updates mention that Dragon Ball Super finishes March! No continuation after the Tournament of Power?

This morning Indonesian time, it was rumored that the airtime hours Dragon Ball Super will be taken over by Gegege no Kitaro. Initially suspected that this series will only experience hiatus.

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Now, The former Web gives an update interesting about this news. The article from the Japanese media explicitly mentions that Dragon Ball Super graduated in March. Means Universal Survival saga really will be the last story of this popular series.

This is an interesting decision, of course. Usually a series will be terminated unexpectedly when the show is not sold. The problem is, Dragon Ball Super it's one of the best selling anime nowadays. 2016 and even Dragon Ball Super was able to outperform One Piece in terms of ratings.

So it must be admitted, the decision to make Dragon Ball Super finish is quite confusing. will preach when there is a recent development on this matter.

But Goku's story seems not really over yet. Article The former Web also reminds that December 2018 there will be the 19th Dragon Ball to entertain you.

Plot movie The 20th itself is not known so far. However, given the timing the author feels there is a possibility that the Universal Survival saga will end in hanging, then the continuation and true epilogue Dragon Ball Super will be presented in movie .

To substitute after Dragon Ball Super graduated, as reported previously, Gegege no Kitaro 2018 will occupy the running hour DBS .


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Many of the Dragon Ball Super fighters are available at Dokkan Battle. Including Universe 6 mainstays like Caulifla, Kale, Frost, and Hit!

Not ready to part with Goku? There is actually one alternative that you can use as a substitute. For now, Dragon Ball Super the manga version not yet announced will end as well. So there's the possibility that his manga version can go beyond the anime story, when Toyotaro is allowed to continue.

You can still play the Dragon Ball Dragon Ball fighter, Dragon Ball Super in game hape Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, or Dragon Ball FighterZ which is about to be released.

Source: Former Web

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