Not Anger, This Is The Major Factor To Turn To Super Saiyan!


Not through anger or hard training, this is the secret that makes the Saiyan man become Super Saiyan!

Originally, in the Dragon Ball series it was mentioned that the Saiya man could turn into a Super Saiyan if through anger and explosive emotion. It was seen when Goku first became Super Saiyan when Frieza killed Kuririn.

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However, entering Dragon Ball Super more and more characters seem to be easily transformed into Super Saiyan-like Caulifla for example, with mere practice alone. Approximately why, huh?

Apparently, Saiya people can turn into Super Saiyan not because of anger or mere exercise, you know! This fact alone is explained by Akira Toriyama in an interview summarized in Saikyo Jump January 2018 edition (release on December 1, 2017). At that time the creator was asked: "Will all Saiya people become Super Saiyan through practice?"

Here's what Toriyama answers:

"Not all Saiya people can turn into Super Saiyan through training or anger. To have this power, an Saiya must have something called 'S-Cells' in his body enough. Once the S-Cells reach a certain amount, a trigger like anger will drastically increase its number and cause a change in Super Saiyan's body.

"Most Saiya humans have S-Cells, although there are not many. The reason why Goku and Vegeta's children can become Super Saiyan quite easily may be because they inherited quite a lot of S-Cells, and because Earth's environment is safer and easier to live in than Vegeta's planet. "

S-Cells become an important factor in order for a Saiyan to change! Indeed anger and exercise can be a trigger for change, but the most important thing is the existence of S-Cells in the body.

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<p style= And it looks like these S-Cells can be inherited so that their generation can be more volatile than the previous generation-as Toriyama explains.

But these S-Cells are also influenced by other things, you know! Continue to page 2!


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