Not Always Winning, Here's The Defeat of the Main Characters in the Anime That's Very Impressive!


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<h4 style= The main character in the anime series, will usually find various ways to defeat his enemies, but they can also be defeated, such as the defeat of the main anime character following.

The more powerful a character in anime and manga, then he or she will meet an enemy that is equally great, or perhaps much more powerful. Despite meeting a great and hard-to-beat enemy, the main characters will usually find a way to defeat the enemy.

However, that does not mean the main character can not be defeated. So far, it is very rare that anime shows the defeat of the main character, but once there, then the defeat will be very memorable, like the defeat of the main anime character following.


Naruto vs. Sasuke

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<p style= Naruto has experienced a defeat, which affects the path and purpose of his life as he grows into a Ninja. The defeat of this main character occurred when Naruto fought against Sasuke in the valley of death.

Surely when they were little, yes, not a rematch after defeating Kaguya. Naruto fought against Sasuke when Sasuke left the village of Konoha and chose to be under Orochimaru's supervision for the sake of a force.

As a friend, Naruto certainly does not let Sasuke go away. He along with Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, and Neji were sent to stop Sasuke and bring him back to the village.

One-to-one battle between the five of them against the village of Bunyi army occurred, and the last fight was Naruto against his own friend, Sasuke. When this fight takes place, they both fight with full force.

Sasuke awakens the power of the seal of the curse, so he has considerable strength, even able to compensate for Naruto who also evokes the Kyuubi Chakra's sheath and takes out one tail.

Of course their battle is getting brutal as it approaches the end, plus nothing can stop their fight, like for example Kakashi (who came too late).

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After arguing and arguing about the problems of solitude in life, and being abandoned by their loved ones, they finally find no way out, and are forced to complain of their own Rasengan and Chidori

The result of the contending Rasengan and Chidori concluded some damage, and because of this duel, Naruto lost. Sasuke who wins immediately leaves Konoha, and Naruto fails to save his best friend.

Due to this incident, Naruto trained to become a stronger Ninja, and could again save Sasuke into the right path.

On the front page, even the defeat of the main character is the ending of his story! Check out the next page!

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