Not Able to Play World of Final Fantasy? PC Version Will Release This Month!

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<p> <em> – Not A Time To Play World Of Final Fantasy? PC Version Will Release This Month! </em> </p>
<p> Striking announcement from Square Enix, where the game console is back in the release of its PC version via the Steam platform. This game will release the PC version on November 21, 2017. </p>
<p> This game will tell you the story of Reynn and Lann's twin brothers who embark on a new adventure in the Grymoire world. Surely not a peaceful world, because you will meet some monsters and characters from Final Fantasy. </p>
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Do not forget in a very cute form! In this Steam version, Steam will support Steam Trading Cards, Steam Achievement and others. Steam also gives a bonus to the user if nakama tachi buys this game before November 28th, then you will get the Day One Edition prize.

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