Nostalgia! This is the Row of a Cartoon Movie Song of the 90s Who Made Kangen Banget!


 cartoon song "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Nowadays kids can easily listen to cartoon songs through YouTube, but for the 90s to enjoy the song we have to sit sweet ahead TV every Sunday morning .. Let us nostalgia briefly with a cartoon movie that ngehits the 90s! </h4>
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Movies that aired every hour 07.00 WIB until 07.30 WIB in RCTI, is about a 5-year-old child named Kobo. The story every day always changes with the experience of Kobo and the people around him.

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Crayon Shinchan

Cartoons that also come from Japan is aired on RCTI every Sunday since 2000 until 2015. Although it could cause controversy, but Shincan is one of the most popular film by spectators in Indonesia.


Chibi Maruko Chan

Maruko Chan is a cartoon that is lifted from a manga story written by Momoko Sakura. It tells the story of a nine-year-old girl living her daily life based on the author's own personal experience.



"I want to be like this, I want it soooo ~" This is the earliest lyrics of Doraemon's most attached cartoon of the hearts of the 90s.

The Doraemon comic series was first published in 1969, and began as a cartoon series in the 1980s. Not only successful in the cartoon series, Doraemon is also always successful in making the screen width.



P-Man is a cartoon that tells of a 4th grader who has a magic cloak. P-Man has friends named P-Girl, Booby and Fat-Man.

P-Man song is a song that surely the child 90s also memorized the lyrics, especially in the part "Let's be friends ~".


Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball tells of Goku's adventure to find a dragon ball. Dragon Ball is an unforgettable cartoon for generations of 90s especially boys. Even so, the phenomenal song must be known to all cartoon lovers.


Sailor Moon

If this one must be the idol of the children and young women of the 90s. Sailor Moon gives image that a woman can also be a hero. That's why Sailor Moon and his friends become cartoon favorites from the 90s.


Detective Conan

Tells of a small detective who reveals various murder mistricts. Conan is one of the pretty heavy cartoons, but it makes us even more curious to guess who the killers are and how the killings could happen.


Ninja Hatori

"Climb the mountain past the valley ~" must know this if hearing the first stanza of this cartoon. Ninja hatori is also a faithful cartoon movie awaited every week. Hayoo is still familiar with the names of the players?


Dr. Slump

Song of this cartoon film is very iconic with the lyrics section "Big face .. Big face .. Tidaaakk !!". Actually the lyrics are very sarcastic about someone with a big head. But because the movie is funny, it seems that people do not pay much attention to it.

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