Nostalgia 90s, Remembering Let's Go With Tamiya Cool! Which Have You Ever Got?

Those of you who belong to the 90s may be lucky enough to enjoy many cartoon or anime series on television. Especially when it entered the day of the week or school holidays, 90s generation of children will be spoiled by cartoon shows ranging from morning until noon.

Well of the many early-morning cartoons or anime anime ever aired, one of the most memorable is the anime Let's n Go . Perhaps because it aired at 07.00 pm, you are willing to wake up in order not to miss the anime lifted from the manga by Tetsuhiro Koshita

Let's n Go tells the story of the adventures of Retsu's sister and Go Seiba sisters who have an interest in mini 4WD. In addition to them, there are also other characters who also have a cool mini 4WD.

Well for a bit of nostalgia, let's remember tamiya in Let's n Go which is cool-cool. Perhaps you too have had the following tamiya.

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<p style= As the main character in this anime, it is only natural that Go Seiba has a cool tamiya. Go itself is a very reckless character. But underneath that, he had an unyielding spirit to triumph.

Go has a tamiya named Magnum Saber that can bolt super fast on a straight track. But the advantages are also a shortcoming because at the time facing the corner, usually Magnum Saber will bounce off the track.

Magnum Saber itself later evolved into Victory Magnum, Beat Magnum, to Bison Magnum.

Retsu Seiba is the older brother of Go Seiba. Unlike his sister, Retsu is known as a wiser and mature character. No wonder why he was appointed to captain TrF Victorys team in the WGP event.

Retsu has a tamiya named Sonic Saber who is quite skillful on the bend tracks. Over time, Sonic Saber also evolved into Vanguard Sonic, Hurricane Sonic, and finally Buster Sonic.

Sonic has a special technique called Hurricane Power Drift.


In addition to the two tamiya earlier, on the next page is still a lot of tamiya-tamiya cool. Yuk further recall tamiya in Let's n Go on the second page!

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