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<h4 style= No time, but you want to entertain yourself by watching anime? Check out the following short-lived anime recommendations!

Watching anime series is fun, but unfortunately, watching anime is certainly time consuming, especially for all of you who need entertainment watching anime, but busy and no time.

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Some people who are busy using the manga to read and keep it (19459010) update with the continuation of the favorite series, but what if you want to watch anime, but still save time? Take it easy, consider the following short-lived anime recommendations!



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<p style= The first short-duration anime recommendation is Ketsuekigata-Kun or in Indonesia more famously titled A Simple Thinking of Bloodtype or Blood Type .

The anime is adapted from the same-titled manga, which is also adapted from the famous Webtoon of South Korea. This anime is perfect for all of you, both male and female, because the story is simple but interesting and funny.

The audience will feel "close" to the character, namely A Gata-kun, B Gata-kun, AB Gata-kun and O Gata-kun, because their personality and traits are taken from the ordinary traits that characterize each blood type, based on Japanese and Korean culture.

Suppose as B Gata-kun is very cheerful, self-confident, think before acting, as well as other blood type B properties, while A Gata-kun is a thinker's character, as well as planning his every action. Other characters such as the mysterious AB Gata-kun and the possessive O Gata-kun are also shown.

Ketsuekigata-Kun itself has a short enough duration, even you can watch 5 episodes in 10 minutes, because every episode is only about 2 minutes.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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Pingin builds a cross-generational shinobi team between the Naruto and Boruto era? You can do it in Ninja Voltage! Collect your favorite characters, then use them to attack the enemy castle!

It's funny, amused with the story, plus the duration of the anime is also not too long, then the anime Ketsuekigata-Kun is very authors recommend for all of you busy, have little spare time, but still want to watch anime.

New one, ie Ketsuekigata-Kun, there is still a short-lived anime recommendation next on the next page! Let's check for you all who want to watch the anime short!

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