No End! Here's 5 Rivalries in Animanga Naruto are Fun to Follow


The following shinobi rivalry never ends until death. Some of them become healthy rivalry. Check out more!

Rival means a strong competitor. Animanga Naruto shows some very fierce rivalries even some invisible winners to the end. Sasuke and Naruto are examples of rivalry that became the main character. In addition there are still some other rivalry which is certainly fun to follow.


Madara – Hashirama

Madara and Hashirama met as a shinobi who was very young. They get to know each other then compete as colleagues practice with each other. Of the two, their powers are very balanced.

After finding out if they both belonged to the opposing clan, their rivalry changed to not rivalry between friends but between opponents. Hashirama then emerged as the winner of the clan war.

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Their rivalry rose again during World War Shinobi Fourth. This time it was Hashirama's turn to be a creature, because his power was not maximal as an Edo Tensei piece. In general, their strength is almost equal.


Kakashi – Guy

This is a unique rivalry. Guy is shinobi with a burning spirit that is ambitious always to be the best. While Kakashi himself is actually more likely to be quiet and not too express his feelings.

However, Kakashi might be hooked on Guy's words so he becomes interested in becoming Guy's rival. Their rivalry is the rivalry of friends and partners.

On several occasions Guy challenges Kakashi to race and even race to eat. But beyond that, they help each other in times of need. This is an example of a very healthy rivalry.


Indra – Asura

The rivalry between Indra and Asura lasts before this time. They are two brothers who compete each other during practice. The climax was when Hagomoro, their father, appointed Asura as his successor.

Different senses then decide to fight with Asura. This rivalry then occurs again to Sasuke and Naruto, two people who are considered to be the reincarnation of both.


Tobirama – Izuna

Adik Hashirama, Tobirama, also has a fierce rivalry of the Uchiha clan. Unlike Hashirama, Tobirama never made friends with this Uchiha clan. Izuna became an enemy of Tobirama's duel on the battlefield.

Its strength is almost equal. This rivalry was won by Tobirama by successfully injuring Izuna greatly, thus making Izuna approach his time of death more quickly.


Jiraiya – Orochimaru

Two shinobi This reflects Naruto and Sasuke in different generations. Jiraiya represents Naruto who is talkative, careless, yet great. On the other hand, Orochimaru is like a talented but silent Sasuke.

As an adult, Jiraiya becomes a bright figure while Orochimaru is dark. This rivalry does not end though until Jiraiya's death.

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Well, what do you think? Do you also have eternal rivals in this life? Good rivalry is shown by Kakashi and Guy, who are competing seriously when competing, but while on a mission they can help each other

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