Nisekoi Creators Will Create One-Shot Manga Theme E-Sport Next Year!




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<h4 style= Nisekoi's creator Naoshi Komi will create a manga themed E-sport! What does it look like? Here's this first visual manga one-shot !

The upcoming 2018 year will likely be the year of the return of some famous mangaka. Some of them are the creators Bleach Tite Kubo and creator Nisekoi Naoshi Komi.

Well, while there has been no news about the new manga made by Tite Kubo, new news has emerged from Naoshi Komi: manga one-shot which he will make in 2018 later on e-sports theme!

This artificial manga Naoshi Komi will be titled e no Genten or The Origin of e and was announced on the combination of the Fourth and 5th volume of Weekly magazine Shounen Jump edition 2018. This manga will have e-sport theme and one-shot which will be published on January 8, 2018. The following is the first visual of The Origin of e :

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<p style= Unfortunately, there is no further information on how the story is and also the names of the characters. But it can not be denied that artwork made by Naoshi Komi is always eye-catching and interesting.

Although it is said to be e-sport, by looking at previous Noashi Komi-made manga, it is almost certain that this manga will be 90% focused on romance and 10% e-sport focus. Well, that does not mean bad either because considering the manga one-shot made by him Tokidoki earned a great deal of praise from the fans-and even touted better than Nisekoi.

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Nisekoi himself became the artificial manga of Naoshi Komi with the longest serialization. This long-finished manga has been adapted into anime for as many as 20 episodes for the first season in January 2014. Season 2 of Nisekoi alone has released as many as 12 episodes in April 2015.

Are you interested in reading the latest manga made by Naoshi Komi? Do not hesitate to voice your opinion in the comment field yes!

Source: ANN | Visual: Twitter



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