NGAKAK, Here's When Spongebob Scenes Use Dubbing Naruto!

Spongebob Squarepants -more than Spongebob classic-filled with hilarious scenes capable of stomach churning. Well, add that hilarious scene to dubbing from another series then you'll have trouble stopping laughing-and that's what happens when you combine the scene Spongebob with dubbing Naruto !

A fan creates a video that combines the scene Spongebob with dubbing Naruto . One of the scenes in question is when Spongebob decided to live in nature as a jellyfish (episode Nature Squarepants ). At that time, Sandy and Patrick tried to convince Sponegbob to return to his normal life by showing how fun it was to picnic. Unfortunately, when Spongebob appeared, Patrick was hysterical.

What makes it funny is, this scene in dubbing with one of the scenes when Naruto met Sasuke for the first time in Naruto Shippuden . Naruto's voice replaced Patrick's voice, and Spongebob's voice replaced Sasuke's voice. You can see the hilarious scene Spongebob that dubbing Naruto via video below:

Somehow you guys, but I laughed out loud when Patrick shouted Sasuke's name. Ha ha! Another thing that also makes the audience Youtube laugh out loud is when Spongebob conversed with his cousin, Stanley. For those of you who do not know, Stanley's voice is replaced by Itachi's voice at this moment. Thus, the conversation between Spongebob and Stanley became the conversation between Sasuke and Itachi.

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<p class= M-Mangekyo Sharingan …!?


This video got a lot of positive response from Youtube users, some comments include:

"The lip syncing is absolutely perfect."

" This editing is pure gold. "

This sh * t had a grown man in tears bruh "

" Sandy just want to have a normal picnic but these two ninjas keep fighting with each other smh "

"Sasuke Squarepants"

What about you? Do you like video scenes Spongebob who dubbing Naruto above? Do not hesitate to voice your opinion in the comment field yes!

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