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<h4> One of the voices of the famous character in the Dragon Ball series </em>Hiromi Tsuru who voiced Bulma passed away. </h4>
<p> Grief news comes from the anime world, more precisely from the world of voice or <em> seiyuu </em> in Japan. One experienced voiceman who has been filling the voice of various characters including Bulma from <em> Dragon Ball </em> has died. </p>
<p> He is Hiromi Tsuru. This 57-year-old woman was found dead in a state that brings a question mark. Hiromi is found in his car in an inanimate condition. </p>
<p> His body was found on November 16, 2017, at 7:30 pm local time. His car was parked in Chuuouku, Tokyo, Japan. After his service was found, Hiromi was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. </p>
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Hiromi Tsuru is a talented voice talent who was born on 29 March 1960. She is a seiyuu experienced and has been working for many years in the Japanese anime industry. Some of the characters he once voiced like Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma 1/2, Shakuyaku in the anime One Piece and of course the character we know and greatly catapulted his name, Bulma from Dragon Ball .

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<p> Currently, the anime <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> is entering the Universe Survival storyline where great fighters from various Universe or universe fight to protect their world. </p>
<p> Bulma has long been invisible, but Bulma is the one promising money for Android 18 to want to join one of the fighters of Universe 7. There is a big possibility for Bulma characters to reappear in the Dragon Ball Super </em> . </p>
<p> Unfortunately, with the death of Hiromi Tsuru, the Bulma character will be voiced by another <em> seiyuu </em>. Let us pray for the best for Hiromi Tsuru whom we know as Bulma there. </p>
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