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 New Season Gundam Build Fighter "
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There is a shocking announcement for serial lovers Gundam Gundam Build Next Battle Project, Will there be a new season Gundam Build Fighter later?

For those of you who like to watch the serial Gundam from the canal maybe you already know that it is possible in the next season there will be a new series from Gundam- precisely from the serial Gundam Build Fighter . Does this mean there will be a new season Gundam Build Fighter ?

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This announcement was announced after credit of the series Gundam Build Fighther: Battlouge episode 5 which tells the last fight of Iori Sei with Yuuki Tatsuya before Yuuki aka Meijin Kawaguchi third tour to Europe.

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The intention of the heart wants to see gunpla from the Bandai, but before the announcement, the announcement of the Gundam Build Next Battle Project appeared first, and even in the announcement video it was also announced that the Next Battle Project will begin on 2 February 2018 .

There is still no definite clarity as to whether the date is the first episode of the new season Gundam Build Fighter or the date of this project will begin. Some fans themselves are also guessing the new season Gundam Build Fighter this will be taken from which manga series, such as Amazing Amazing Ready or Amazing Try .

Talk about GBF : Battlogue Episode 5

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Main story of Gundam Build Fighter: Battlogue This episode tells the story of Yuuki Tatsuya aka Meijin Kawaguchi who wants to tour Europe, but before leaving, he wants to test gunpla modification, ie AZ Gundam, which is based on Zeta Gundam. 'its self, there is a writer's opinion that it symbolizes the word Amazing For the opposite is Iori Sei.

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<figcaption class= Meanwhile, Sei uses the latest version of gunpla Build Strike, which is Build Strike Cosmos Galaxy . The Gunpla is allegedly the latest version of the previous gunpla Build Strike Cosmos, which appeared in Gundam Build Fighter: GM's Counter Attack . One striking thing of him is the new booster pack and Sei does not apply the absorb field in his newest Build Strike.

For his own battle, it can be seen by himself that this only looks like a regular sparring .

However, there is still no arrangement damage level as it is applied to serial Gundam Build Fighter Try so that at the end of the battle, the two gunpla its destruction due to a very fierce battle though only limited sparring .

Out of the serious battle issue, which some fans (19459007) Gundam Build Fighter is returning to Iori Rinko aka Mama Rinko is certainly quite missed, though its emergence is merely as cameo and there is no dialogue.

New Gunpla

Announced at the end of the video that the two gunpla appeared in Gundam Build Fighter: Battlogue episode 5 will be released also gunpla . For A-Z Gundam is scheduled to go on sale in January 2018, while the Galaxy Cosmos Build Strike and also its Galaxy Booster will go on sale starting February 2018.

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