New One Piece Wano Flow Will Start in Manga 2018 Later?


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Eiichiro Oda may have planned the plot of Wano One Piece and Reverie Council. But it looks like you just got to see Wano in 2018!

Already since 2016 Eiichiro Oda reveals that after the Whole Cake Island groove awaits the flow of Wano One Piece and Reverie Council. Wano's groove has even been promoted by Oda's editor as a groove that would be more magnificent than the Marineford War.

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But apparently you still have to be patient before enjoying the flow of Wano. Looking at the latest developments in the manga, the author feels the new Whole Cake Island will be completed one hundred percent after 2017 ends.

Ah yes, this discussion contains spoiler for those who have not read Whole Cake Island's groove up to the latest developments. So be careful for those who do not want to get leaked.


The author had thought that the Whole Cake Island groove manga version will end after the Big Mom castle fall out. Luffy had failed to defeat Big Mom, but they managed to get Sanji, Vinsmoke Judge finally respected Sanji, and Big Mom might be destroying his own family.

One lie Charlotte Perospero makes this conflict elongate. The anger of Big Mom, who was originally going to the Whole Cake Island residents, turned back to the Straw Hats group

Now, all the remaining fighters are moving to Cocoa Island, where Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon prepare a substitute cake to muffle Big Mom's tantrum.

In chapter One Piece 884, Thousand Sunny, Bege group, and the Vinsmoke family have not even reached the island.

It was not a petty war. It's definitely a lot of cool action scenes that will happen. Given what the action scene One Piece could have been, the battle would have lasted for at least ten chapters.

After the great war is over, there will certainly be an epilogue chapter, where our heroes feast celebrating their success. Then it should be remembered also that Eiichiro Oda usually take a week off in one month.

Considering all these factors, yep, the author feels Whole Cake Island will run full throughout 2017. You can just see the battle against Kaido at Wano next year.

So how do you think the quality of the Whole Cake Island groove manga version, which has been running since 2016 and maybe just going to end in early 2018? Convey in the comment field!


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